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The Officer Training Wing (OTW) was established on 01st March 1992 under LCdr (ND) TMJ Mendis, the first Officer Training Officer (OTO) with the aim of conducting and coordinating all officers’ basic training and Sub Lieutenant Technical Courses. OTW was shifted to a new building in 2003.

The Officer Training Wing is responsible for conducting basic training of all Officer Under Trainees (OUTs) who are attached to the NMA, in coordination with all training activities, administrative and welfare matters.


Moulding Officer Under Trainees of all branches to fit into Naval service with desired standard by means of military training and to prepare them with necessary professional knowledge to hold a Commission.

Our Staff

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Officer Training Officer

Cdr (G) JKCK Jayaneththi

TEL : +94 11 2161310

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A/Officer Training Officer

LCdr (ASW) MACP Abeywardana
DO of Direct Entry 1/2021 Batch

DO of Service Entry 1/2021 Batch

TEL : 61221

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Senior Administrative Officer

LCdr (ASW) BWD Priyankara

TEL : 61222


To mould Officer Under Trainees (OUTS) to perform their professional naval career with pride and confidence.


To develop OUT’s as intellectually, physically, professionally and morally strong leaders to face future challenges of naval & maritime domain with fulfilling the requirement of national interest.

Officer Training

Junior Naval Staff College

Sub Lieutenant Technical Course – Executive Branch

Sub Lieutenant Technical Course – Logistics Branch

Sub Lieutenant Technical Course – NPM & Provost Branch

Service Entry Officer Technical Course (SEOTC)

Direct Entry Course

KDU Course – Technical Branches

KDU Course – Non Technical Branches

Cadet Entry Course

Upperyardman Entry Course

Honorary Commission Course

Service Entry Course

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