Naval and Maritime Academy


The Diving School was established on 10th June 1999 under the command of Lcdr (CDO) UVMP Perera and with six sailors. At the time of 19 years of expansion, it has now involved into a full-fledged Diving School catering to the diving requirements of the entire Sri Lanka Navy. We mould diving sailors and officers in all aspects physically and mentally, regarding the diving matters to fulfil the SLN requirement.


To qualify both officers and sailors imparting sufficient knowledge and practical training in the field of diving at various levels to perform their specified duties in the most effective and efficient manner leading to excellence in the Naval service.

Officer In Charge
NRX 2898
Tel : 61315

Instructor Officer
NRX 3024
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Chief Instructor
XD 34973
Tel : 61318

Be the hub for diving training in Sri Lankan Military by providing premium diving training along with safety and excellence with unmatched skills.

To ensure that divers shine in their core competencies and prove to be worthy divers cable to undertake any eventuality.





  • Clearance Diving Officer Course
  • Ship Diving Officer Course
  • Sub Tech Diving Module (Ex,Log,NPM,PRO)

The aim of the (UWEOD)course is to develop professional knowledge of Diving Sailors in the field of underwater demolition and unexploded ordinance disposal.

  • The aim of the Clearance Diver class I(CD I)course is to;
  • To qualify trainee to undertake, conduct and supervision of diving operation/tasks within the diving and salvage capabilities of SLN including management of diving injuries prior proper medical attention.
  • Enhance knowledge in general and naval studies as to engage competently in naval duties other than diving and salvage.
  • Qualify eligible Leading Seaman divers for advancement to rate of Petty Officer in the diving branch.

  • The aim of the Clearance Diver II (CDII) course is to
  • Enhance the proficiency in salvage, technical aspects, and clearance diving to perform diving tasks using close circuit (Oxygen), open circuit SCUBA (Air) and surface supply to maximum depth of 10 MSW,55 MSW and 55 MSW respectively.
  • Qualify eligible able seaman divers for advancement to rate of leading seamen diver in the diving branch.

  • The aim of the Clearance Diver III course is to
  • Qualify sailors in diving and absorb them to the diving branch in SLN.
  • Enable to conduct clearance diving tasks as a diver; tender, stand by diver and record keeper in a diving team.
  • Qualify practical diving using open circuit SCUBA (Air),close circuit (oxygen)and surface supply diving apparatus up to maximum depths of 40 MSW,10 MSWand 40 MSW respectively.

The course is designed to impart knowledge on Basic Diving Medicine toperformduties related to diving medicine.


Naval & Maritime Academy is committed to mould naval personnel to become professionals in their fields to perform duties to the entire satisfaction of the desired standards of a recognized naval force, with the commitment to comply with requirements and continual improvement of the effectiveness of process of the quality management system.