Naval and Maritime Academy

Sportsmanship is a key factor for being a healthy Naval person. Various sports disciplines are taught in the NMA to OUTs to groom an officer. Hockey, Soccer and Cricket Ground, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton and Squash Courts, Boxing Ring, Table Tennis and Nine Hole Golf Course are available to enhance physical fitness and sports skills of the officers and sailors. Various games and competitions are organized to strengthen the interaction and coordination among Naval personnel time to time.

These Ground and Courts are open for all OUTs and under trainee sailors from 0500 hrs to 0600 and from 1630-1730 hrs daily.


Naval & Maritime Academy is committed to mould naval personnel to become professionals in their fields to perform duties to the entire satisfaction of the desired standards of a recognized naval force, with the commitment to comply with requirements and continual improvement of the effectiveness of process of the quality management system.