Naval Marksmanship and Sniper Training School

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The Naval Marksmanship & Sniper Training School was established on 18th December 2006, situated 1.6km away from main academy building, near to Shoebury junction. The concept to form up this school was to improve the standard of the Shooting and Combat skills among the Officers and sailors with their personal weapons. Furthermore, enhancing skills of using side arms and increasing capabilities of marksman instructor duties are also come under prime task of NM&STS.


Imparting professional knowledge to Officers and Sailors to use their personal weapons effectively and accurately, keeping up with our motto,“One bullet one kill”

Our Staff

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Officer in Charge

LCdr (INF) MTCY De Silva

TEL : +94 11 2161285

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Second in Charge

Lt (INF) DMHD Wimalarathne

TEL : +94763871562

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Chief Instructor

PO (INF) JMN Jayalath

TEL : +94772687119/61288


Naval Marksmanship and Sniper Training School is committed to uplift the competencies and effective utilization of personal weapons of officers and sailors in the field of Marksmanship, incorporating theoretical and practical knowledge required to perform duties pertaining to combat and security of Sri Lanka Navy in order to attain high level of combat readiness to perform their assigned duties confidently.


To implement modern/advanced instructing and leaning process to enhance competencies of officers and sailors to perform duties pertaining to marksmanship, combat and security of Sri Lanka Navy.

Basic Marksmanship Course

To train the Officers and Sailors to engage in efficient combat shooting. It will include method of instructions in Basic Marksmanship and theory of MG fire.

Marksmanship Coach Course

To train the officers and sailors of the Sri Lanka Navy on how to coach officers and sailors in combat practical shooting. (It includes the methods of instructions in basic marksmanship, theory of Machine Gun Fire, advanced theory of small arms and combat coaching.)

Practical Pistol Shooting Course

The aim of this course is to improve the standard of the combat skills with side arms among the Officers & Sailors of the Sri Lanka Navy, thereby they will be capable of using the side arm in a practical situation where his personal weapon is not available. In addition to enhance the standard of Practical Pistol Shooting in the Navy for competitive shooting.

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