‘HYDRO - 22’

The first-ever Hydrography exhibition organized by the Naval Hydrographic School of Naval & Maritime Academy was held at the school premises on 29thMarch 2022. The sailor under trainees following the Survey Recorder II course at the school demonstrated their professional knowledge and competence to the hydrographic field by organizing this exhibition under the guidance of the Commandant Naval & Maritime Academy. The exhibition also helped to understand the basics of hydrography and present developments of the SL Navy Hydrographic Services (SLNHS) to the Officer Under Trainees, Sailor Under Trainees of all other branches, and the Faculty members. The exhibition was unimpeded by the Commandant Naval & Maritime Academy Commodore KDDC Fernando and he congratulates to under trainees of the Hydrographic School for their utmost commitment and materializing the exhibition successfully.

‘Hydro - 22’ simplified the hydrographic theories with the help of training aids and provided a better understanding of the subject through these models. It also improved the presentation skills of the under trainees, demonstrating their competence in the subject of Hydrography. The exhibition also focused on introducing the survey platforms, survey equipment, associated sensors, and software used presently in SLNHS.

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