Naval and Maritime Academy


The 66th intake of officer cadets at the Naval & Maritime Academy, showcased their linguistic prowess and celebrated the beauty of the English language through a spectacular event named “GREENWICH” on 11th May 2024. This event not only marked their journey into the Sri Lanka Navy but also emphasized the pivotal role of English proficiency in their roles as future leaders within the global military landscape.

Since commencing their journey with the Sri Lanka Navy on 10th January 2024, the officer cadets of the 66th intake have recognized the significance of mastering the English language. The “GREENWICH” event provided a platform for the cadets to showcase their linguistic skills through a myriad of performances, including speeches, discussions, poetry readings, drama, songs, and cultural presentations. Rear Admiral Buddhika Liyanagamage, RWP, RSP, USP, ndc, psc, the Commandant Naval & Maritime Academy, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, acknowledging the cadets’ dedication and hard work in mastering the English language.

In his address, Rear Admiral Buddhika Liyanagamage emphasized that English proficiency opens doors to a vast array of educational and professional opportunities. A strong command of the language empowers individuals to pursue higher education and access a wealth of information, contributing to the enhancement of the Navy and shaping a better future. He commended their progress and urged them to continue their spirit of excellence in their academic studies and other activities at the Naval & Maritime Academy.

Rear Admiral Buddhika Liyanagamage extended heartfelt thanks to all individuals who contributed countless hours to the success of the “GREENWICH” English Day program. Their efforts ensured the event’s remarkable execution and celebrated the cadets’ journey in mastering the English language.

The “GREENWICH” English Day program was a testament to the officer cadets’ commitment to linguistic proficiency and cross-cultural understanding. As they embark on their roles as leaders within the Sri Lanka Navy, their mastery of the English language will undoubtedly serve as a cornerstone for effective communication and cooperation in the global military arena.


Naval & Maritime Academy is committed to mould naval personnel to become professionals in their fields to perform duties to the entire satisfaction of the desired standards of a recognized naval force, with the commitment to comply with requirements and continual improvement of the effectiveness of process of the quality management system.