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Electrical & Electronic Engineering School was established at Naval & Maritime Academy in year 1967. Since then the Electrical & Electronic Engineering School has been rendering an indomitable service to Sri Lanka Navy in keeping with the policy of qualifying both officers and sailors to achieve the theoretical and the practical training on Electrical & Electronic Engineering field at various levels to perform their specified duties in an efficient manner.

Electronic Engineering School is comprised of six laboratories such as Micro controller lab, Radar lab, Electronic lab, Telecommunication lab, Electrical lab and Instrument lab. These labs are to provide practical training facilities according to the course syllabuses and NVQ standards.


To impart both officers and sailors with basic and professional knowledge and skills to operate, maintain and repair modern electrical and electronic equipment efficiently by assimilating of advance theories and principles.

Our Staff

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Officer in Charge

LCdr (L) SDK Athukorala

TEL : 61380


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Second in Charge

LCdr (L) GGC Garusinghe

TEL : 61381/ 071 4660084


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Instructor Officer

Lt (L) MMCM Moramudali

TEL : 61382


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Chief Instructor

FCPO RMC Rathnayaka

TEL : 61383/ 077 9695407



Electrical &Electronic Engineering School is committed to mold EMREM branch sailors to become professional competent on their field to perform duties to the entire satisfaction of desired standards with continual improvement to take professional responsibilities with more confidence to carry out their duties.


To impart theoretical and practical knowledge for EM/REM Sailors to achieve professionalism required to perform duties in the most efficient manner and to instruct, teach, guide all naval personal the importance of Electrical & Electronic practices in Sri Lanka Navy.

Petty Officer Qualifying EM/REM Course

Acquire the leadership administrative standardsand eligible to beadvanced to the Petty Officer ElectricalMechanic& Radio electronicMechanicinthe Electrical and Electronic Engineering branch of TheSri Lanka Navy.

Understand the electrical and electronic equipment and systemsused in Sri Lanka Navy and enhance professional knowledge to operate, maintenance and troubleshooting of said equipment and systemsutilizing modern technologies.

Be confident to impart knowledge, guide and train junior sailors in the performance of their technical duties.

Leading Qualifying EM/REM Course

Establish a basic ground to produce professionally competent LeadingElectrical Mechanic and Radio Electronic Mechanic.

Expose the trainees to modern developments in the professional field.

Enable the trainees to operate, maintain and repair modern Electrical and Electronic equipment efficiently by assimilation of advancedrelatedtheories and principles.

Enable the trainees to take on increased professional responsibilities with more confidenceto carry out their duties.

Phase III EM/REM Qualifying Course

he aim of the course is to impart basic theoretical and practical knowledge to electrical branch sailors who have completed basic training module and six months of On the Job Training (OJT) period .The trainees will be branched off as ElectricalMechanic andRadio Electronic Mechanicon completion of the courseas per their merit of the course and willingness.

NVQ Level 3 Industrial Electronic Craftsman

NVQ Level 3 Telecommunication Technician

NVQ Level 4 Industrial Electronic Craftsman

NVQ Level 4 Telecommunication Technician

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