Simulator oriented teaching can be introduced as a new method of teaching at NMA. There are three simulators established in NMA. These two simulators have made instructor ease their task to teach the under trainees on gun handling ie: small guns and fast attack craft respectively. The most important factor is that both these simulators have been design and developed by sailor of Sri Lanka Navy, named Leading Seamen DMAS Chamara XS 36379.


The Ship Handling Simulator is a one of major asset which belong to Naval & Maritime Academy. It opens since 22nd April 2013 for training of naval persons in NMA and fleet units. It has capable of simulating full visual navigation bridge operation, including capability for advanced maneuvering and pilotage training in most popular harbors in the world and restricted water ways.

From Ship Handling Simulator provides a relatively complete, realistic and risk free training environment studies for full scale operational situations. It gives opportunity for trainees to enhance their knowledge on;

Bridge team management
Bridge resource management
Bridge watch keeping including terrestrial and electronic Navigation
Rules of the Road
Effectively use of bridge equipment
Carry out of Emergency procedures


This can be used to train, under trainees on small arms handling. Under trainees can improve their shooting skills using this simulator. This has been established at the Naval Marksmanship & Sniper Training School at NMA. Here the accuracy is 100% and it helps correct the position and target in firing using in small arms.


This Simulator assists the under trainees on gun handling of a Dovra 100% as set gun in the simulator is model of an existing one of a Dovra of Sri Lanka Navy. This simulator will provide opportunity to train naval personnel on various aspects such as firing Bush Master Gun, operating Radars and ships handling. It orientates under trainees all aspects of a Dovra before they on board the ship.

Ship Handling Simulator

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