The Library in the Naval & Maritime Academy was established in 1967 with the aim of providing required additional knowledge for all Naval personnel in the Dockyard especially for the under trainees in the NMA as a resource center to gather military literature and general information based on their particular field. Presently Library is housed on the ground floor of the Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda Auditorium and provides a very calm and disciplined atmosphere which helps under trainees to maintain a better concentration on their studies. The uniqueness of this well established library lies with its large space and reading materials suited to interests and aptitude of under trainees of different age groups. Having about 50 seating capacity, the Library consists with Reference Section, BR Section and Lending Section.

Opening hours

0830 hrs to 1245 hrs
1400 hrs to 1600 hrs
1930 hrs to 2100 hrs
0830 hrs to 1245 hrs (On Holidays except Poya days)
Closed on Poya days