“A Healthy mind resides in a Healthy Body “, complying with the saying, a professionally and well managed environment is created for the under trainees as well the instructors. Both physical and mental Health play an important role for the well being of an individual. In tune with the objective of all round development of the under trainees, This is a well-equipped Fitness Center for all Naval personnel and their families within the NMA premises.

It contains steam room, sauna and world class equipment including treadmills, strength machines and cross fit equipment for exercise and work out. In short, the Fitness Center provides an ideal atmosphere for the all Naval personnel for overall & sound development.


The heat from a Sauna soothes the nerve endings and warms and relaxes muscles, in turn relieving the tension from the body and minimizing joint pain. Saunas can be used as a means of calming the body and relieving it of stress also helps to burn extra oil inside the veins close to the skin. It provides service for eight personnel at a time for a maximum of fifteen-minute duration.

Steam Room

The Steam Room helps to open up airways which improves the breathing and alleviates congestion. The wet heat from the steam room thins and opens the mucous membranes in the body, which helps to relieve pressure. with the steam the dead layer of the skin is removed giving feeling to the body. It provides service for eight personnel at a time for a maximum of thirty-minute duration.

Fitness Centre is divided into three major parts such as Cardio Theatre, Power Gym and Main Gym to create ease when using the equipment, it is clustered in sections targeted at different body parts.

Main Gym

Two no's treadmills, a cycle machine, cross trainer machine, rower machine, twisting machine, hyper extension machine, calf trainer machine, leg press machine, shoulder press machine, chest press machine, feature curl machine, seated rowing machine, fetch deck fly machine, dip machine, pull up machine, home gym machine, free weight facilities are available in this section. Thirty-five personnel can get the service of this area at a time.

Power Gym

This is the power train area, it possesses a chest press machine, bench press machine, shoulder press machine, leg press machine, leg curl machine, Scot machine, weight training dumbbells bar. Fifteen personnel can get the service of this area at a time.

Cardio Theatre

It contains five no's treadmills, a cycle, cross trainer machine and a rower in this section. This is where weight loss and fitness happen. Eight personnel can accommodate here at a time.

Opening hours

Weekdays Weekends
0530 hrs to 0830 hrs Naval Personnel
0830 hrs to 1000 hrs Naval families
1000 hrs to 1200 hrs Sports pool
1600 hrs to 2000 hrs Naval Personnel
0600 hrs to 1000 hrs All
1600 hrs to 1900 hrs All
Closed on Poya days