The ‘English Bazaar-2022’, an authentic functional English language experience performed by the Sailor Under Trainees of NMA under the guidance of OIC and the English language practitioners of the Language School, was held in an inspirational style at the academic building premises on May 5th, 2022 at 1530 hrs. The Commandant of Naval & Maritime Academy, Commodore KDDC Fernando, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

English Bazaar, an innovative idea of language school, was organized to inspire and encourage SOUTs to practise the functional English that is very much essential and useful in their day to day activities. It provided SOUTs not only an opportunity to showcase their talents but also a space to create a platform to use the functional English effectively with confidence.

The authentic language experience was unfolded with the items were lined up, including a bus stop, railway station, medical awareness programme, dengue prevention programme, vegetable stall, fish stall, salon, bookshop, and many other useful functional language occurring situations in order to educate the visitors, including the Directing staff, Officer Under Trainees, and SOUTs of NMA.

The event was highly appreciated and commended by the Commandant and urged everyone to use functional English as much as possible in their day-to-day lives.

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