The Inter Squadron Swimming Competition 2021 was held among Beauchamp and Bank squadrons at the Swimming pool on 19 Dec 21 in order to build up determination and energy of young Officer Under Trainees.

All the Swimming events were tight contests as both the squadrons swam competitively. 13 events were included in the competition in the scale of squadron events in order to select the best individual swimmers, and the best squadron. However, with the excellent performances Beauchamp Squadron emerged as the champions of the Inter Squadron Swimming Competition - 2021. The players who performed well, were awarded the medals and certificates.

a 25m open Free Style Event - O/CDT JHMGD Jayasundara
b 25m open Breast Stroke Event - O/CDT RMC Karunarathna
c 25m Back Stroke Event - O/CDT KVTN Dharmadasa
d O/CDT KVTN Dharmadasa - O/CDT JHMGD Jayasundara
e 50m open Free Style Event - O/CDT MDNL Illukpitiya
f 25m Underwater Swimming Event - O/CDT JHMGD Jayasundara
g 50m Breast Stroke Event - O/CDT RMC Karunarathna
h 100m open Free Style Event - O/CDT KVTN Dharmadasa
i 100m Breast Stroke Event - O/CDT RMC Karunarathna
j 100m (25m*4) Medley Relay - Beauchamp Squadron
k 100m (25m*4) Free Style Relay - Beauchamp Squadron
l 300m open Event - O/CDT KVTN Dharmadasa
m 25m Mega Relay - Beauchamp Squadron
n Most Outstanding Swimmer - O/CDT KVTN Dharmadasa
o Inter Squadron Swimming Championship - Beauchamp Squadron

The Commandant of Naval and Maritime Academy, Commodore KDDC Fernando graced the event as the Chief Guest and the Deputy Training Captain, the Commanding Officer, the Officer Training Officer along with the Officers of the Officer Training Wing, Senior Officers and the Directing Staff also attended the event