“PROXY – 2021” the end course projects exhibition organized by Sailor under Trainees of PO ‘Q’ EM – 01/2021, PO ‘Q’ REM – 01/2021 and Leading ‘Q’ EM/REM – 01/2021 courses was held at Electrical and Electronics Engineering School on 23rd September 2021. Combining the theoretical knowledge they gained in training with their creativity to suit the modern technological world, they presented 10 new projects for exhibition of “PROXY 2021”. The occasion was graced by Training Captain, Capt. (H) DMNP Dissanayake RSP & Bar, USP, psc. OIC’s of all the schools and senior instructors witnessed the creativity and the practical knowledge of the SUTs which utilized for those projects.

By evaluating the concept, achievement and application of knowledge, creativity and the presentation of their projects, the best 3 projects were selected. The Best projects were admired by the CN & MA, Commodore KDDC Fernando RSP, USP, rcds and awarded all the members of best 3 project teams with commendation letters.

1st Place - FM Transmitting Receiving Station

     The project team looked at introducing wireless hailors to NMA.

2nd Place – CNC Plotter Machine

     Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Plotter machine can be used to engrave crests, badges, cards and momentous creatively and attractively.

3rd Place – Digital MORSE Key Generator.

     The Digital MORSE Key Generator is designed to convert message into morse automatically eliminating errors which can be caused by the transmitting person.

     Further 7 more projects were presented at the exhibition which were well received by the invitees.

           - The leaf blower
           - Automatic air compressor
           - Solar powered garden lightning system
           - Virtual PBX
           - Body temperature sensor
           - Line following Robot
           - Electric Grass cutter

     Everyone who witnessed the exhibition highly appreciated the creativity, practical knowledge and the team spirit of SUTs.