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The English Department was established at NMA on 03 Jun 11 with the prime intention of teaching English language for both the officer and the sailor under trainees in efficient and effective manner. Subsequently the department was transformed into a school and renamed as the English Language Teaching School on 12 Apr 12 Meantime, with the advent of Tamil Instructors, the school was renamed as the Language Teaching School (LTS) on 17 Apr 18. Thereafter, in parallel with the changes of emblem of the Naval & Maritime Academy its name was revised as ‘Language School’ w.e.f 18 Nov 20.


To conduct Tamil and English language teaching and learning process by using language based tools to develop competencies of both languages in both officers and sailors to comprehend and communicate in English to improve academic abilities as well enhancing quality of life in the working world, and to Tamil language usage for improve general naval duties in accordance with government language policy.

Our Staff

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Officer in Charge (Administration)

LCdr (VNF) DMIK Dasanayake

TEL : +94763586271

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Officer in Charge (Training & Curriculum)

LCdr(VNF) DJMDUP Jayamaha

TEL : +94 778098709

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Chief Instructor

FCPO WJ Weerasekara

TEL : 61290

English Practitioners

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Maj(NCC) MWR Marasinghe

TEL : +94 714474640

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Maj (NCC) WASL Wickramasinghe

TEL : +94713991987

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Capt (NCC) S Gonsalkorala

TEL : +94770619152

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LT (VNF) SH Uduwawala

TEL : +94713152567


Naval and Maritime Academy is committed to mould naval personnel to become professionals on their field to perform duties to the entire satisfaction of the desired standards of a recognized Naval force with the commitment to comply with requirement and continual improvement of the effectiveness of process of the Quality Management System.


To implement English language teaching and learning process using language based tools with modern teaching techniques to enhance the competencies related to English and to implement Tamil language teaching and learning process using modern teaching techniques to impart the basic knowledge of a Tamil language of officers and sailors of the Sri Lanka Navy

Officer Training

Officer training is to prepare subordinate officers morally, physically & mould them into professional Naval Officers to command and to lead in pursuit of excellence in the naval service and the best interest of the nation.

Communicative English module for Junior Naval Staff Course

Intensive English module for all cadet entry and KDU entry OUTs

English for Academic Purpose (EAP) modules for Cadet Entry OUTs and Service Entry Candidates in respective semesters

Sailor Training

Sailor training is to prepare both senior & junior ratings morally, mentally, physically & mould them to be professionals to carry out the specific task or set of specific task in their respective branches in the most efficient manner leading to excellence in the Naval service.

English for Special Purpose (ESP) module for all SOUTs in their Phase III, Leading, Petty Officer and advanced Qualifying courses

Professional English Module (One month) for Phase III and Petty officer Qualifying SA/WTR Courses.