Naval and Maritime Academy

Hydrographic survey school organizes “HYDRO – 23”

Hydrographic Survey School of Naval and Maritime Academy organized “Hydro 23” on 16th March 2023 going with the school’s motto “Skill, Knowledge and Discipline” in order to derive accurate and precise charts. The exhibition was graced by the Commandant Naval and Maritime Academy Commodore B Liyanagamage. The aim of this exhibition was to uphold the standards of Survey Recorder II (SR II – 01/2022) and perceive the faculty members of the Academy, Officer Under Trainees and Sailor Under Trainees of all other branches on the recent developments of Hydrography in Sri Lanka. The School organized an exhibition in this level to enhance the professional and technical skills of the Survey Recorder trainees with intention of obtaining NVQ standard for the trainees near future.

‘Hydro – 23’ simplified the hydrographic theories with the help of training aids and provided a better understanding of the subject through models. It also helps to improve the presentation skills of the under trainees, demonstrating their competency related to the subject of Hydrography and proficiency towards the field of Hydrography. The exhibition also focused on introducing the survey platforms, survey equipment, associated sensors and software used presently in Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic Service (SLNHS).


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