Naval and Maritime Academy

The Catalyst For Future Maritime Leadership – Marlex 2022

The first ever Maritime Leadership Exercise (MARLEX) was conducted by the OTW on 24th and 25th October 2022 within the inner limits of Trincomalee harbour with the participation of 29 OUTs from 64th Intake. The pre planning discussion was conducted by NMA directing staff with the collaboration of FOCNF staff in order to provide first-hand maritime leadership experience for OUTs. A two-day exercise was conducted by the OTW staff to develop leadership skills and decision-making ability of Officer Under Trainees (OUTs) in order to mould them as future leaders and decision makers to serve the nation.

MARLEX capsule was consisted with four main operations, namely, barrier patrol – Ex – Waruna Kirana, Corden and search at York Island – Ex York Siege, anti- human smuggling – Ex Freedom and search and rescue mission – Ex Carpathia. The outline plan was issuing of warning orders, situation and execution plan by OUTs, execution of task and debriefing by both OUTs as well as the DSs. Moreover, situations were created during each and every operation by the OPS room and Officer Training Wing (OTW) instructors simulated live experience of situations. OUTs appointed as Overall Commander, Commanding Officer and Executive Officers on their respective craft. Fundamentally, OUTs were divided into two syndicates for methodical assessment.

On completion of first day of the exercise, OUTs stayed at York Island to gain the experience of survival and harbouring. On successful completion, the MARLEX 22 terminated after the debriefing.


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