Naval and Maritime Academy

“Exercise view point north” (field visit)

Another milestone has been accomplished in the journey of 31st JNSC on 17 to 18 Sep 22 with “Exercise View Point North” in which the student officers visited Pooneryn, Vettalaikerni and Elephant Pass areas in the Northern peninsula. The event was aimed at training the student officers on intricacies on all facets of warfare as well as to understand the lessons learnt from the history, especially with respect to battles erupted between Sri Lanka Armed Forces And LTTE.

The officers grouped in two syndicates have carried out the field briefing along with critical analysis emphasised on “Battle of Pooneryn” (1993) and “Operation Balavegaya” (1991) on the real grounds where the battles took place.

The presentation on “Battle of Pooneryn” was conducted at ND Nagathivanthurei on 17 Sep 22 after a comprehensive briefing received at 66 Infantry Division of SL Army on the strategic importance and history of Pooneryn. On 18 Sep 22, the student officers undertook the presentation on “Operation Balavegaya” at ND Vettalaikerni and afterword visited the 6th Sinha Regiment at Elephant Pass in remembrance of war heroes.

Further, the visit to Jaffna exploring the importance of the city including Jaffna Public Library and Nallur Kovil made the excursion a treasured memory for the team.




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