Naval and Maritime Academy

Ahoy! NMA hails SLMA abord

136 Officer Cadets from Intake 91 of Sri Lanka Military Academy visited NMA on 25th July 2022 as a part of their Annual Field Visit to other sister military academies. The Head of the Training Team of SLMA, Lt Col. LP Atukorala and Maj ABCP Wickramaratne the liaison officers of the visit and the Officer Cadets who arrived at the NMA were welcomed by Deputy Training Captain, Capt (ND) BGPFA Wickramasuriya and the Directing Staff of Officer Training Wing on behalf of the Commandant, Naval and Maritime Academy .

The visitors were educated by delivering an attractive briefing about the Naval and Maritime Academy along with an informative documentary video at the Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda Auditorium. During the visit, the SLMA Cadets got the opportunity to visit SLNS Sayura, SLNS Sagara, Naval Museum, and Coral Cove beach.

A friendly beach volleyball encounter organized at the Coral Cove beach with the participation of Officer Cadets from SLMA and Midshipmen of NMA was one of the most delightful events of the day. Match was a tight contest, where both teams played competitively. After the match, mementos were exchanged to mark the visit as the final event of the day’s programme. The SLMA Officer Cadets departed NMA after having the official photograph of the visit.


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