Naval and Maritime Academy

Insignia awarding ceremony of clearance diver iii course 02/2021

The Insignia awarding ceremony of the Clearance Diver III course 02/2021 came to the culmination with a high note on 01st July 2022 at the Diving School premises. The ceremony was graced by the Deputy Training Captain, Captain (G) DMDC Bandara, RSP, USP, psc.

The Clearance Diver III course commenced on 03rd January 2022 with 28 divers and terminated on 01st July 2022 with 20 divers after completing 24 weeks of training. After successfully completing their training, 20 trainees qualified to dive up to 130 fsw (40m) and were awarded insignias by the Deputy Training Captain, Naval and Maritime Academy.

During the training 20 sailors were able to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of diving successfully and effectively, which supported them to build up their diving career, enabling them to serve as divers in the Sri Lanka Navy with a pride and dignity.


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