Naval and Maritime Academy

Exhibition ‘sparky 2022’ – course end projects

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering School of NMA organized SPARKY 2022 exhibition. This course end projects designed to give an opportunity for PO ‘Q’ EM 02/2021, PO ‘Q’ REM 02/2021 and L ‘Q’ EM/REM 02/2021 courses to show their talents and applications of what they have learnt during class room instructions.

SPARKY 2022 exhibition refers to innovative projects, presentation, or industrial products through which any Sailor Under Trainee (SUT) exhibits what they have learned. The Exhibition gives them a learning experience itself as well as a means of evaluation of their learning achievements and objectives. SPARKY 2022 projects exhibition typically designed to encourage the SUT’s to think critically and it is a good opportunity to dive deep into what they have learned in theories.

SPARKY 2022 exhibition was officially opened by the Training Captain of NMA and the faculty and all officer and sailor under trainees attended the event. The project “ECDIS Simulator” was adjudged the best project among all innovative creations by the trainees.


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