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To impart sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical training for both officers and sailors on professional knowledge in communication

About us

The communication school of the Sri Lanka Navy was first established in 1958, at present Tissa Vidyala premises. During that period, visual communication was done with the Navy House for training purposes. In the years following, the School was housed at different locations in Dockyard. Around 1964, 1965 the training School was temporarily shifted to DSS. In the same year, the Signal School was shifted to old Electrical School (New Gun Room) and subsequently to the old dispensary building and near to admin building (Present TDEC) in 1986 - 1987. In 2018, the School was again shifted to its present location with full fledged facilities.

The School is dedicated to impart knowledge on radio, visual, tactical communication as well as modern Naval communication in order to cater fast developments in the field. Apart from the training imparts on the Officer under trainees and communication branch sailors, School provides Naval communication related basic knowledge to other branch sailors as well. Presently, the School is making headway in the field of developing its training facilities on Electronic Warfare, Satellite communication and Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. Also, the Naval ceremonials form another integral part of the Communication School curriculum as the conduct of Naval ceremonials is a part and partial of the communicators' job.

Presently, the School undertakes three courses for the sailors in the Communication branch. Each course is provided with sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. All courses are conducted in English medium. The highest course presently conducted at the School is PO(Q) “COM” course which is lasted for 26 weeks. Also presently the Communication School is in the progress of commencing Long “C” course which is expected to be a giant leap forward in the history of the School.


Cdr (C) HRD De Zoysa

Officer In Charge

TEL : +94 11 2161345

LCdr (C) DMS Jayatilake

Course Coordinator (Long 'C' Course)

TEL : +94 11 2161345

LCdr (C) MKC Siriwardena

Second In Charge

TEL : 61346

Lt (VNF) KSR De Silva

Instructor Officer

TEL : 61347