01 PGD/NMA/19/0805 T/LCdr  HWS Niroshan NRL 2324 Steps to taken  to improve professionalism and job satisfaction among naval personnel Electrical Department of CSD(E)  organization as a sample 0830hrs 15 Oct 18
02 PGD/NMA/19/0803 T/LCdr SSUK Fernando NRE 2273 Implementation of condition based  preventive maintenance (CBPM) for MTU Main Engines fitted onboard FAC 0830hrs 15 Oct 18
03 PGD/NMA/19/0806 T/LCdr(BH) AM Faizal NRX 2343 Impact of performance appraisal system for career devalopment of employee " Sri Lanka Navy officers" 0830hrs 15 Oct 18
04 PGD/NMA/19/0804 T/LCdr KRDMD Karunarathna NRE 2320 A study on the effect of organizational culture on job satisfaction with special refernce to CSD(E)  organization at SLN Dockyard 0830hrs 15 Oct 18
05 PGD/NMA/19/0802 T/LCdr(CDO) KPD Vipulasena NRX 2257 Sustainable waste management system to Sri Lanka Navy 0830hrs 15 Oct 18
06 PGD/NMA/19/0807 T/LCdr(L) DHD Kumara NRL 2387 Feasibility study of introducing Ethanol fuel to Sri Lanka 0830hrs 15 Oct 18
07 PGD/NMA/19/0808 T/LCdr  MKC Siriwardana NRX 2360 Force structuring of Sri Lanka Navy to meet future challenges. 0830hrs 15 Oct 18
08 PGD/NMA/19/0809 T/LCdr  CG Rathnayake NRX 2525 Sri Lanka Coast Guard and its future challenge. 1030hrs 15 Oct 18
09 PGD/NMA/19/0816 T/LCdr(CDO) UAPJB Udagearachchi NRX 2517 How naval kit and uniform issuing system can be improved to fulfill the requirements of naval personal. 1030 hrs 15 Oct 18
10 PGD/NMA/19/0815 T/LCdr  LDAS Kumara NRX 2513 The factors determine the turn over intention of sailors in Sri Lanka Navy. 1030 hrs 15 Oct 18
11 PGD/NMA/19/0817 T/LCdr KP Sameera NRX 2522 Recruitment and the utilization of VSS sailors in SLN and the recommendations for the future OVERSEE
12 PGD/NMA/19/0818 T/LCdr DDAR Sanjeewa NRX 2569 Effective utilization of Direct Entry Officers in Sri Lanka Navy OVERSEE
13 PGD/NMA/19/0814 T/LCdr(S)  GL Subasinghe NRS 2451 Critical analysis of accounting system of  Sri Lanka Navy command wardroom funds OVERSEE
14 PGD/NMA/19/0813 T/LCdr WMIRL Suriyabandara NRX 2439 Marriage and the military: Organizational impact on early marriages and early divorces of SLN personnel 1030hrs 15 Oct 18
15 PGD/NMA/19/0810 T/LCdr RAKC Udayanga NRX 2433 Success of the resettlement programme in northern peninsula OVERSEE
16 PGD/NMA/19/0811 T/LCdr DROD Jayathilaka NRX 2436 Trend of smoking and its impact on the Naval service OVERSEE
17 PGD/NMA/19/0812 T/LCdr SCL De Silva NRX 2438 Comprehensive study on Grade I government school admission criteria on priority basis  for Sri Lanka Navy personnel 1030 hrs 15 Oct 18
18 PGD/NMA/19/0819 T/LCdr DPCC Gunathilaka NRX 2665 Long term effects of IUU fishing and future of fishing industry in Sri Lanka 1030 hrs 15 Oct 18
19 PGD/NMA/19/0820 Capt INK Premasiri 0/68001 Why traditional paddy fields are abandoned by farmers 1030 hrs 15 Oct 18
20 PGD/NMA/19/0821 Sqn Ldr AN Karunarathna 0/2858 Operational readiness of SLAF personal in post war scenario 1030 hrs 15 Oct 18




01 PGD/NMA/20/0850 T/LCdr(PWO) DSKAMJ Kulage NRX 2237 Reasons behind not maintaining the required BMI standard by SLN personnel after basic training 0830hrs 16 Oct 18
02 PGD/NMA/20/0851 T/LCdr  DMSAB Dissanayaka NRX 2248 Effective utilization of free transport facilities among tha naval personal 0830hrs 16 Oct 18
03 PGD/NMA/20/0852 T/LCdr(E) KWMMK Silva NRE 2415 Influence of safety culture of the organization and usage of personal protective equipment of technical sailors working in marine engineering department of selected naval platforms OVERSEE
04 PGD/NMA/20/0853 T/LCdr(G) JAUC Jayasinghe NRX 2396 Effective of sailors advances trining in SLN Case study of Phase III Radar Plotter Course 0830hrs 16 Oct 18
05 PGD/NMA/20/0854 T/LCdr(SBS) RL Gunathilake NRZ 3199 Effectiveness of present training procedure of Special  Boat Squadron is complying future expectation of SLN with respect to special forces 0830hrs 16 Oct 18
06 PGD/NMA/20/0855 T/LCdr (NP) AN Makolage NRE 2537 Willingness of Engineering officers of SLN to follow type training course at SLNS at SLN Dockyard while discharging duties under CSD 0830hrs 16 Oct 18
07 PGD/NMA/20/0856 T/LCdr  SK Jayawardana NRX 2352 How to separate SLCG from SLN in next five years and its effects 0830hrs 16 Oct 18
08 PGD/NMA/20/0857 T/LCdr(IT)  DS Dissanayaka NRT 3148 Tourism in Sri Lanka and way ahead Barriers prevailing  for development of Sri Lanka to become high income country through tourism 0830hrs 16 Oct 18
09 PGD/NMA/20/0858 T/LCdr  UYL Perera NRX 2481 Work life balance of sea going naval personnel 0830hrs 16 Oct 18
10 PGD/NMA/20/0859 Lt HBG Thanuja NRX 2826 Ability of identification of unauthorized items transferring at sea by sailors serving onboard SLN Ships/Craft 1030hrs 16 Oct 18
11 PGD/NMA/20/0860 Lt(NP) WA Prageeth NRP 2714 Mini hydro power projects as an alternative solution to power crisis in Sri Lanka 1030hrs 16 Oct 18
12 PGD/NMA/20/0861 Lt HAST Perera NRP 2775 Why naval personal does not apply local course for betterment of SLN? 1030hrs 16 Oct 18
13 PGD/NMA/20/0862 Lt ERDN Ekanayaka NRS 2754 Relationship between the  job satisfaction of the naval personal working in NHQ and their victualing out privilege 1030hrs 16 Oct 18
14 PGD/NMA/20/0863 Capt(Army) KJAT Buddika 0/68169 How social media effect to the working efficiency of administrative assistants of the battalion headquarters of 03rd Mechanized Infantry Regiment 1030hrs 16 Oct 18
15 PGD/NMA/20/0864 Flt/Lt RMMS Fonseka 0/2882 Success of the resettlement programme in northern peninsula 1030hrs 16 Oct 18
16 PGD/NMA/20/0865 Lt(VNF) WMMMK Wijekoon NVX 5549 Critical analysis of performane appraisal system of the officers in the volunteer naval force on their job commitment in SLN 1030hrs 16 Oct 18