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Gunnery School

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Gunnery School was established on 06th May 2002 and earlier school was under the Nautical School. The Gunnery School is conducting training modules for Student Officers, Officer under trainees and Sailor under trainees of Gunnery branch.

Weapon training modules covering theoretical and practical aspects on the armaments use in SLN are conducted for the sailors of Gunnery Branch to enhance their knowledge on gunnery aspects.

Parade training is a foremost aspect of the training process at NMA. All the under trainees at NMA are trained the naval drills. The parade training is a sole responsibility of Gunnery School which is conducted by professionally qualified staff of Drill Instructors under the supervision of Long Gunnery Specialized officers. NMA has a full-fledged Main Parade Ground to facilitate all the parade training and ceremonial activities including commissioning parades and passing out of officers. NMA also equipped with a Drill Nursery adjacent to the Main Parade Ground to train the newly joined OUTs and to correct the weak performers.


To qualify both officers and sailors imparting sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical training on naval armaments and procedures at various levels to perform their specified duties in the most efficient manner leading to excellence in the naval service.

Our Staff

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Officer In Charge

LCdr (G) JKCK Jayaneththi

TEL : +94 11 2161310


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Second in charge

LCdr (G) AG Asanka

TEL : +94 11 2161311


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Master DI


TEL : 61314


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Chief Instructor

FCPO RDML Gunawardana

TEL : 61313


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S/S in Charge Band

FCPO RGP Vajirananda



Gunnery school is committed to mould naval personnel to become professionals on gunnery field and improve the discipline of the naval personnel to perform duties to the entire satisfaction of the desired standards of a recognized naval force with a commitment to comply with the requirement and continual improvement of the effectiveness of the process of quality management.


Prepare officers and sailors morally, mentally, physically and mould them to be professionals to carry out the specific task or set of specific tasks in Gunnery branch while maintaining the highest standard of discipline in all naval personnel in a most effective manner.

Gunnery Rate II (GR II) Qualifying Course

The aim of the proposed GR II course is to impart further professional knowledge to sailors who have successfully completed GR III course in order to;

Carryout assigned duties more professionally.

Be in par with the knowledge of sailors with other Navies in the region.

Qualify to undergo further training in the field of Gunnery.

Drill Instructor Qualifying (DI ‘Q’) Course

This course is designed to impart a considerable degree of theoretical knowledge and practical skill and experience to the trainee to qualify him to be an effective Drill Instructor with the sense of duties and responsibilities.

Gunnery Rate III (GR III) Qualifying Course

This course is designed to impart knowledge on all weapons being used in SLN to sailors who have successfully completed phase III Advanced Seamanship Course. The main objectives of this course are to enable sailors to:

Be confident in handling of small arms.

Carryout duties as a member of a gunnery team onboardships and craft in SLN.

Carryout onboard routine maintenance of naval armament.

Acquire thorough knowledge on naval armament stores.

Broaden their knowledge to undergo further qualifying courses in the field of gunnery.

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