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‘Watermanship’ training is considered as one of the key elements in Naval Cadet training curriculum of the NMA. In order to enhance the knowledge of practical aspects in sailing and to train Officer Under Trainees for challenging environments at sea, the concept of conducting the Sailing Regatta was initiated with the participation of International Cadets. These competitions are conducted with an aim for maximum participation and exposure to the cadets in the water sports. Further, these competitions form very important aspect for cadets to interact with International Students and exchange their knowledge in watermanship.

The Commandant’s Cup Sailing Regatta form one of the important revolutions in the Naval and Maritime Academy. Being a waterborne force, these competitions at the Academy are designed in such a way that the cadets are exposed to open sea conditions and acquire the sea sailing experience. The class room instructions on watermanship are put to use in the fullest during competition. Seamanship School coordinates this International Sailing event, Commandant’s Cup Sailing Regatta at the picturesque Sandy Bay of Trincomalee.

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