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The Naval Academies Regatta 2019 (Trident 16 Class Race) was held at Italian Naval Academy, Livorno from 28th April to 01st May 2019.

Eighty one Officer Under Trainees have enriched their sailing skills in a unique atmosphere, while interacting with other Officer Under Trainees from across the world. Midshipman WMCJ Weerasekara (33rd KDU), Midshipman AKDS De Zoysa (59th CE) and Midshipman RA Maduranga (59th CE), selected to represent NMA and placed 12th out of 27 teams from 26 countries.

The competition conducted in 9 rounds and Italian Naval Academy ‘A’ team became the Champion whilst Poland team became the runner-up.

Placement of NMA team as follows ;

1 race - 2nd place
2 race - 1st place
3 race - 5th place
4 race - 5th place
5 race - 5th place
6 race - 2nd place
7 race - 7th place
8 race - 5th place
9 race - (DNS) Did not start due to a boat defect.

NMA team placed 12th position whilst beating teams from, Morocco, Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Egypt, Ecuador, Serbia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Qatar and Jordan.

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