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In the annals of the history it was always men in white/Navy, who led the way for food and beverage etiquettes. Inculcating the same to next generation and blending the traditions with contemporary palates & food habits is a challenge.

Logistics and management school of NMA being at the forefront of innovation, will conduct bi- annual food and beverage event and first of the year 2019 has been organized on 4th April 2019 at the ceremonial drive of the NMA.

Event has covered all the aspects of foods and beverages from preparation to display/presentation. The event was named as ‘Food Fiesta’ and it was spread along the ceremonial drive with different vibes. Few noteworthy highlights are Castle Guards at the entrance, welcome Fudge Cake of 12 feet, Creative Wine casks at Wine Corner, Cocktail & Mock tail bar, Bakery and Salads dock made the ambience of the event more glamorous.

Food tastes of India, Sri Lankan Traditional, Western and Chinese were all on display and to taste. To cater the local practices and taste, Unique Kadala Karaththaya, Kottu and hoppers hut made the day of every participant.

This event has revamped the previous versions of this Event to a totally different dimension through many innovations. The under trainees of the logistic and Management school were the pillars of the event.

The event was graced by the Commander Eastern Naval Area Rear Admiral SA Weersanighe USP,ndc as the chief guest with senior officers from the fleet and the Area, staff officers, officers of NMA and their families have thoroughly enjoyed this unique evening.

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