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  • Pass G.C.E Advanced Level Examination and qualified to enter university and mentally and physically should be fit to undergo training with various practical leadership exercises.
  • Outcome:

  • The successful completion of the course allow them to hold the commission.
  • Course Content:

  • Duration of the course is 84 weeks and 13 weeks English program and it commences on as per annual training calendar.
  • Activity No of Activities No of Days / Time
    Education Tour 01 10
    Programme Leave 06 42 (6 x 7 days)

  • Subjects have been designed to impart naval knowledge and professional knowledge related to various subjects in order to have required proficiency and feel confident in the field while working as an Officer.
  • Following subjects are covered during the course as per approved syllabus.
    • English
    • Basic Health Care
    • Information Technology
    • Naval Law
    • Parade Training
    • Weapon Instruction
    • Naval Communication
    • Seamanship & Naval Knowledge
    • Introductory Navigation
    • Provost and Crime
    • Security & Intelligence
    • Investigation & Interrogation
    • Tactics
    • Naval Logistic and Office Management
    • Anti Submarine Warfare
    • Basic Electricity and Electronic Technology
    • Basic Marine Engineering
    • Basic Engineering
    • Coastal Navigation
    • Secretariat Practice
    • Role & Task Of Naval Provost & Regulation Brach
    • Naval Administration & Divisional System
    • Tamil
    • Naval Communication
    • Fire Fighting, Damage Control NBCD
    • History and Geographical Studies
    • Basic Gunnery
    • Mathematics
    • Advanced Seamanship
    • Celestial Navigation
    • Catering and Mess Management
    • Store Management
    • Infantry Operation
    • Psychology
    • Research Methodology

  • All the uniform items provided by the Navy has to be taken during the training period by the under trainees. In addition, cadets must take a long sleeve shirt, trouser, belt and pair of civil black shoes.
  • Accommodation:

  • A suitable accommodation is provided within the NMA premises.