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Long Logistics Management Course

Long Logistics Management Course (LLMC) is the highest professional course intended for the officers of the Logistics Branch in the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN). The course is conducted at The Naval & Maritime Academy (NMA) in full time basis.

Junior Naval Staff Course

This course is a Postgraduate Diploma in Defence Management (PGD in Def. Mgt) offered by the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University for Officers who successfully complete the course and fulfil the requirement envisaged in course syllabus.

Service Entry Technical Course

Service Entry Officers of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Hull Engineering, Civil Engineering, Administration Officer Health, Information Technology and Band Master Branches are to follow the training leading to a Post Graduate Diploma.

Sub Lieutenant Technical Course

Sub Lieutenant Technical Course (Subtech) is span for 42 weeks of academic studies, comprising with two semesters. The course itself is the third year of the degree program of Cadet Entry Officers.

Direct Entry

Depend on the qualifications, Graduates/ Diploma holders from recognized Universities or any other higher education institutes may enlisted as Direct Entry Officers of Regular Naval Force (RNF)/ Volunteer Naval Force (VNF).

KDU and Cadet Entry

On enlistment, OUTs are to join the NMA for their basic training spanning for 107 weeks of academics which is divided in to 4 semesters. Academic year 1, namely ‘Cadet Training’ consist with two semesters. First semester of 16 weeks academic studies commences on completion of 13 weeks of special English module.

Service Entry

Ratings serving in the Navy who have met the requirements decided by the Commander of the Navy are given the candidature to gain Commission after a prescribed training module.

Long Gunnery Course


Long Navigation Course


Long Communication Course


Long Anti-Submarine Warfare Course