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  • Sailors with 11 years of service, who wish to leave SLN on completion original enlistment and sailors who complete 21 years of service are eligible to apply irrespective of the branch. Those who have followed pre-retirement courses will not be considered.
  • Outcome:

  • On successful completion of the course and demonstration of competence, a certificate may issue certifying that the holder has met the standard of competence specified in Table A-VI/1-4 of STCW. Such a Certificate issue by Merchant Marine Training School with the approval of DGMS.
  • Course Content:

  • Duration of the course is 03 days (20hrs) and course commences on every year as per the annual training calendar.
  • Objectives:

  • Proficiency in Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities basic safety course is designed to prepare new recruits for a life at sea. Working on a ship can be hazarders occupation in un initiated. This course will give new seafarers an insight into the various elements of Merchant ship and working procedure on board so that they adjust to the shipboard environment, and are better prepared to cope with any unexpected circumstances. to that extent this course is planned to make the transition from a Naval Military person to a Merchant seafarer smoothly and give some knowledge of Merchant ship’s working before they actually step on board a Merchant Ship.
  • A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to:
  • - Comply with emergency procedure
    - Take precaution to prevent pollution in marine environment
    - Observe safe working practices
    - Understand orders to be understood in relation to ship board duties
    - Contribute to effective human relationship on board ship
    - Understand and take necessary action to control fatigue
    Following IMO Modal Course 1.20 are covered during the course as per approved syllabus.
    • Observe Safe Working Practices
    • Contribute to Effective Human Relationship on Board Ship - Human Relationship
    • Understand Orders and be Understood in Relation to Shipboard Duties
    • Comply With Emergency Procedure Emergency Station Drill
    • Take Precautions to Prevent Pollution of The Marine Environment
    • Contribute to Effective Human Relationship on Board Ship
    • Understand and Take Necessary action to Control Fatigue
    Working Days No 06 / No 05
    Weekends No 06/ Smart Casual
    Public Holiday/ After Sunset Smart Casual
    Evening Sport’s Party PT Rig
    Other Occasions As specified in daily orders

  • A suitable accommodation is provided within the NMA premises.