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  • Leading Engineering Mechanics (CE) in SLN is considered for this course to obtain professional qualification for advancement to the rate of PO (CE). Selection for the course will be done as determined by the Commander of the Navy.
  • Outcome:

  • The successful completion of PO ‘Q’ CE course makes Leading rate Civil Engineering Branch sailor eligible for their next (PO rate) advancement.
  • Course Content:

  • Duration of the course is 25 weeks and it commences on 06th August every year as per the annual training calendar.
  • Activity No of Activities No of Days / Time
    Education Tour 01 07
    Programme Leave 04 24 (4 x 6 days)
    Syndicate Presentation 01 04
    Day Firing 02 Morning & Evening
    Pistol Firing 01 Evening
    Endurance March 02 Morning

  • To acquire the leadership / administrative standards required for Petty Officer in Civil Engineering branch of the Sri Lanka Navy.
  • To understand the stores equipment and system in use in the Sri Lanka Navy and gain professional knowledge in their maintenance.
  • To be confident to impart knowledge, guide and train junior sailors in the performance of their Civil Engineering duties.
  • Following subjects are covered during the course as per the approved syllabus.
    • Construction Technology
    • Engineering Drawing
    • Surveying and Leveling
    • Water Purification, Distribution & Pumping
    • Mathematics
    • English Language
    • Construction Material
    • Construction Management & Site Supervisor
    • Maintain Safety of the Site
    • Quantity Survey
    • Communication
    • Information Technology
    • Supply & Secretariat
    • Internal Security Duties
    • Leadership
    During Working Hours and Instructional Classes No 06 Drill Order
    After Sunset No.05
    Sports/Games Sports Rig
    Sunday Routine Days /Half Day Routine Sports Rig /Rig of the Day
    Special Occasions As Specified in Daily Orders
    Examinations No 05

  • A suitable accommodation is provided within the NMA premises.