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The Naval drill plays an utmost vital role in order to synchronize the functioning of a Naval force while simplifying the complexity in aspects of operational, ceremonial, non administrative activities and also day to day routine activities. Drill is the set of standard activities mend to adhere or execute actions by the personnel of an entity as anticipated. As the drill standardize the activities of an individual, the parade drill synchronize the activities of a set of individuals anticipated to behave commonly. Thus the discipline, coordination, unity and character which are the qualities that highly expected from armed force personnel also develop simultaneously as co-benefits of parade drills. Further the smartness, sharpness and the synchronizing nature of the parade drill helps to generate a pride and glamour on personnel carrying out.

Parade training is a foremost aspect of the training process at the NMA. All the Under trainees at the NMA are being trained the Naval drills.

The Officer Under Trainees are trained for all the aspects of parade training including Naval ceremonial procedures while mastering them in Sword Drill. The parade training imparts them just more than marching in the parade ground. That forms a part of their personality, power of command and the discipline which allow them to be stand as better Naval personnel in their career.

The parade training is a sole responsibility of Gunnery School whereas possess professionally qualified staff of Drill Instructors under the supervision of Long Gunnery Specialized officers. The NMA has a fully-fledged Main Parade Ground to facilitate all the parade training and ceremonial activities including Commissioning Parades and Passing Out of officers. The NMA is also equipped with a Drill Nursery adjacent to the Main Parade Ground to train the newly joined OUTs and poor performers to make them correct.

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