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To facilitate suitable infrastructure for the Academy’s training processes and the functioning of routine in par with other Naval systems in an orderly manner.

About us

Administration Department was established for smooth functioning of routine matters of the Naval and Maritime Academy and our Department was able to expand the capacity of administrative duties to cater the requirement of the NMA.


Capt (ND) RJ Walgampaya

Commanding Officer

TEL : +94 11 2161511

LCdr (C) KA Nuwarapaksha

Executive Officer

TEL : +94 11 2161512

LCdr (S) JAN De Silva

Supply Officer

TEL : +94 11 2161513

LCdr PBY Pathirana

Regulating Officer

TEL : 61516

MCPO DMGP Gunarathna, USP

Master At Arms

TEL : 61521