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OUTs of 33rd intake KDU got an opportunity to spend a day with their beloved family members on 29 Oct 18 at the Naval and Maritime Academy premises under the guidance of Commandant, Naval and Maritime Academy. Parents and siblings of each midshipman were invited to educate regarding the effort, NMA is taking to transform their sons to professionally competent Naval Officers.

On arrival of parents at Dockyard main gate, the Divisional Officer of 33rd intake KDU received and welcomed them to the NMA. Then parents were accompanied to NMA parade ground to witness the morning parade procedure of Midshipmen and it was followed by the breakfast at the Sailing Club. Afterwards parents were accompanied to Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda auditorium for the address by CN & MA and to witness the documentary video on Trincomalee Dockyard created by 33rd intake KDU OUTs for their 3rd anniversary. This event was highly appreciated and appraised by the parents.

The parents were then accompanied to the ENA wardroom premises to show them the facilities available for Naval Officers. The parents were subsequently exposed to visit the academy premises including all schools and model rooms of NMA aiming to provide first-hand experience on the academic culture, standards maintain and facilities available to Naval and Maritime Academy.


Parents were given the opportunity to dine with OUTs at the Gun Room and to visit accommodation area to understand the living condition of the OUTs. Parents were also able to witness the sports talents performed by the OUTs such as swimming exercises, indoor gym exercises and rope climbing display inside the gymnasium. The Parents’ day programme was culminated after the onboard visit to SLNS Sayurala.


This noteworthy day made parents entirely happy and satisfied on the effort, NMA is taking to transform their beloved sons to professionally competent Naval Officers.

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